"All we have to do is keep moving and we’ll be okay," Mila said confidently as she bit into her grapefruit. She looked over at Eric and gave him one of her smiles that said she didn’t believe what she was saying but had to convince herself. She wasn’t sure if she should trust him which is why she kept her knife so close to herself. Her group was attacked by the band of thugs he ran with. They had kept her alive for ‘reasons’ one of them said. In the middle of the night Eric cut the rope from her arms and told her they should run. Hyped on adrenaline, Mila didn’t waste any time and agreed. Now they were in the middle of the woods praying the merry band wouldn’t catch up.

"Yeah. We will," Eric responded with a light smile and looked at her. Then down at the fire, tossing a small twig into the flame. He didn’t want any of worries or fears to slip through his lips. He knew it would be better to keep it on the inside. It was one of the qualities that his past group taught him before he decided to part ways with them. He knew they had to keep moving for both their sakes, not just from the walkers but his ex-group wasn’t quite ready to lose him. They were criminals, of course they weren’t ones to forgive and forget. Especially since Eric stole some of their supplies before parting ways. "We’ll be safe."